Day of Action 16 August

The Marikana Support Campaign has grown considerably over the past 6 months, this has been assisted greatly through the 140+ plus screenings of Miners Shot Down that have taken place around the country.
We are requesting that the campaign holds a number of regional meetings over the next two weeks to discuss what activity they will be undertaking. At present there are number of ideas and tentative plans. What we do know is that they will be a commemoration of the killings/ celebration of the strike in Marikana on the 16th of August. The Gauteng Strike Support Committee have agreed to pull out all the stops on the day and are planning pickets of police stations and organising as many screenings of the documentary on that day as possible. They also aim to have a presence at the rally in Marikana.
The MSC steering committee are reaching out to all areas where we have a sufficient critical mass to organise activities on this day and assist in calling regional meetings. Many of the NGO’s and CSO’s will have the capacity  to organise screenings and fundraising functions. Many of the CBO and civic structures have tentative plans of picketing at their local police stations, while others have plans to organise rallies. We also expect trade union support from NUMSA and some NACTU affiliates.
Internationally pickets of SA Embassies and consulates are planned in Europe and North America.
We believe it will be worthwhile to have regional meetings in the following areas and will be getting in contact with leading activists in these areas to see how we can assist:
  • Gauteng
  • Western Cape
  • KZN
  • Eastern Cape
  • Mpumulanga
On behalf of the Marikana Support Campaign Steering Committee

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